Will MacNeil 3D Design and Animation Showreel – Spring 2013

A collection of work from the last few years. In most cases I handled the shots from start to finish. I’ve noted the exceptions in the list below. Thanks for checking it out – Will.

Shot List
Beach environment – complete CGI landscape.

Earth from space – 3D globe shot

History of Ancient Britain – a map shot of the UK from the BBC 2 history series.

Mountain Sunrise – Complete CGI shot based on satellite elevation data using Vray environment fog for clouds.

PBS NEWSHOUR – Open from the US nightly news programme.

Amnesty International Cinema Ad – An ad I conceived and directed for Amnesty Ireland.

The End of Science – Title concept

Avent Soother – 3D lighting and rendering

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 – Designed by Foreign Office Design.

Mankind Decoded Open – 3D/2.5D Animation sequence

Fiver Broadcast Idents – Designed by Foreign Office Design

Liberty Human Rights Online Ad – An ad I conceived and directed for a campaign against identity cards in the UK

Mankind Decoded Open – 3D/2.5D Animation sequence

Strontium Atom – Stonehenge Channel 4

Stonehenge Frozen moments – 3D models built from photogrammetry and rendered in Element 3D in After Effects

BBC Roads Vector Maps

Ice – globe animation depicting extreme global warming and the shrinking polar ice cap for US TV miniseries. Designed by Foreign Office Design.


Music – Radio Protector by 65 Days of Static

Software used
Cinema 4D
After Effects
World Machine
Global Mapper

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