“WEB 001. Walking among Realities” by OPEN THIS END

“WEB 001. Walking among Realities”; The next art generation

The OPEN THIS END’s ACA project includes digital created artistic works by combining different spheres: Art + Nature + New Technologies. Pioneer works that are developed and displayed within the new Augmented Contemporary Art (ACA) project, where access to works and exhibitions takes place in spaces that are larger than the traditional exhibition spaces, called Extended Museum (XM). The possibility of using, interchangeably, different devices and means to access the content of the works, as well as to enjoy it from different places, at a distance, widely opens up countless options in which, depending on the technology used, different degrees of intensity and immersion are provided virtually. At the same time, they allow the field of participation to be expanded and offer new inclusive artistic experiences for all audiences, without limits or barriers.


Is an international, non-profit artistic association, made up of professionals in the Arts and other disciplines, whose objectives include research, creation and exhibition of original works created by the use of new technologies. These aforementioned experts collaborate with the academic, institutional and professional field, following an “Open Culture” criteria, promoting access by all sectors to the most current art as well as fostering training in various disciplines.

Known by the critics as “Eco Visionaries”, as since their inception their immersive works have united Art + Nature + New Technologies, empathizing with the environment in an inclusive way. They are pioneers in generating and exhibiting works at international events that have connected the world, in real time, at a physical and generated level. They develop as well multisensory Virtual Reality works of art and other “Extended Arts” (XRArts) as ACA (Augmented Contemporary Art) artworks that question the limits between different representations and concepts of reality.

They have innovated in the study of the emotional biometric data of the public, in real time, interpreting them artistically, giving rise to sensitive works produced on a real scale that, as a living organism in evolution, creates multiple “emotional landscapes”. They analyze spaces for meeting and exchange, some not places, where they can reflect on limits, borders or chance. They generate works that pose a Continuum of Virtuality, in which different aspects of artistic representation and the technological protocol of forms are studied.

In the theoretical field of the, so called art in movement, their experts have classified and defined new creative typologies that occur from the use of various technologies, shown works of “Portal Art” (PA), the maximum level of virtual immersion, within the extensive field of “XRArts” and artistic content for a new artistic context of “Extended Museum” (XRM) and ACA (Augmented Contemporary Art) artworks.

In their extensive digital artistic experience, of more than a decade, they have held exhibitions in generated spaces (VWs) (2008-2018), and at international events such as World Expo Shanghai, China (2010) (Best Urban Practices), 400th anniversary of Spain-Japan relations, Instituto Cervantes, Tokyo, Japan, (2013/2014), Círculo de Artes Plásticas de Coimbra (CAPC) 2015), III Mostra Espanha, Portugal (2015), I Bienal Anno Zero, Portugal (2015), 40th anniversary museum Vostell, Spain (MVM) (2016), distinguished with the European Cultural Heritage Label (2018), XX Bienal de Cerveira, Portugal (2018), XVI Venice Biennale, Italy (2018), XIII Biennial of Havana, Cuba (2019), Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid (CBA) (2019), Complutense University, Fine Arts Faculty (UCM) (Commemoration of the World Day of Virtual Reality) (2019) and XIV Biennial of Curitiba, Brazil (2019/2020), among others.

Music ID: DL-ys2m-cyjgjwsjeq

WEB 001 Authors & Collaborators: Cristina Garcia-Lasuen, José Galán, Jacobo Carreras, Javier Ideami, Whiskey Monday, Jesús Manuel Remón, Miguel Lobo, Juanan Platas, Guillermo Remon.

Acknowledgments: Jesus Remon, José Moyano Groizal, Agustín González García, Museo Jorge Oteiza.

WEB 001 is an OPEN THIS END’s production ©

– “ACA” (Augmented Contemporary Art) project by Open This End
– “Extended Museum” (XM) project by Open This End (since 2016)
– “WEB” artworks & project by Open This End
– “Digital Land Art” (DLA) project by Open This End

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