Underscope: FITC 2014 Behind-the-Scenes

When we were chosen to produce the opening titles for FITC Amsterdam’s 2014 event, the team here at Leviathan was very enthusiastic about the endeavor…so much, that we had almost our entire studio involved. Since FITC centers around both design and technology, we made sure to create not only a moving piece of film, but also new filmmaking techniques. This video chronicles our efforts and explains some of the cool tricks you’ll see in the show’s opening.

FITC Amsterdam 2014 Titles by Leviathan: https://vimeo.com/87384980
News Release: http://darnellworks.com/lvthn/fitca14.htm

Concept, Design + Production: Leviathan
Editor – Mike LaHood
2D Titles – David Brodeur
2D Design – Gareth Fewel
Senior Producer – Lauren Shawe
Executive Producer – Chad Hutson
Executive Creative Director – Jason White
Chief Technologist – Matt Daly
Music, Sound Design and mix – Joel Corelitz www.waveplant.com

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