Ubuntu 14.04 and Sentora as a small hosting solution on a cheap VPS (Part 3)

If you followed the previous guide, you should now have a web server with Apache, PHP5, MySQL, FTP and all ready to be controlled by a friendly web panel. It should also be prepared to handle any traffic that shows up, and be ready to present them rather quickly with any of your gorgeous content! At this point I could simply say “stuff it, it is done!” but where is the fun in that? In this section I will cover things you can add to your server beyond the basic functionality.

One thing to note, just in case I forget further down: Monit. I will try to remember, but parts of this post have been made on different days with new information added as I find it. If you have followed the previous guide you will now have Monit doing what it is supposed to be doing and keeping all of our services running. Basically this means that if you have to manually stop a service that Monit is keeping tabs on, use the Monit web interface to stop the service. If you issue a command like service apache2 stop Monit will realise and restart the service for you. Keep this in mind when following any further guides relating to your server.

Securing your panel with SSL.

Securing a website with SSL is always a good idea, regardless of the content. Not only does this give your web visitors a nice warm safe feeling, it also helps your websites ranking with search engines like Google and Bing. For your panel it is a really good idea, as it can mask not only your username and password from possible spies but can also hide activity within your panel and just make things more secure overall. Historically obtaining a proper SSL certificate could be time consuming and expensive but thanks to services like LetsEncrypt this cost has been removed, and certificate renewal can even be automated.

To begin, we will download the LetsEncrypt client, connect to your server via ssh as root and issue the following commands:

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