The Science of Getting Rich – A Scientific Approach Indeed

The Science of Getting Rich – now here’s a book that really hits the nail on the head. How many books have you read that claim to be able to make you rich but in the end all you get is lame old clichés like ‘work hard’ or ‘early bird gets the worm’ and stuff that you could see for free on plaques in offices? Not this book. True to its name, The Science of Getting Rich takes a scientific and practical look at the desire that every human being inherently has, even if he or she lives in denial. The book begins with an eye-opening lecture that tells us that there is nothing shallow or superficial about the desire to get rich.

The Science of Getting Rich begins on the right note by explaining how money is important to achieve whatever goals you might have. You might think your goals transcend all that and are above something petty like money, but the truth is that you need certain things – practical everyday things and objects to get there and only money can get you those. To understand how sensible the advice in The Science of Getting Rich is, think about it this way. If you aspire to be a writer and are living in a little apartment doing all your chores yourself, then you can’t devote as much time to writing as a person who is rich, lives in a nice big house and has maids to do all the messy chores so that he/she can focus on the thing he/she does best – write some great books!

The main premise of The Science of Getting Rich is that there is a certain way of doing things. Rich people are rich because they are doing things a certain way, following certain unbreakable rules. There are indeed some unbreakable rules that all must abide by and these rules have withstood the test of time and practicality and if followed to the letter, they can make anyone rich. The author, Wallace D. Wattles talks about the importance of practical thinking.

The Science of Getting Rich is a book that will mold your thinking and infuse your mind with the thoughts that you need to think in order to gain riches. Moreover, as the book tells us, it is a positive feedback process wherein if you get riches then getting more riches becomes easier than it was the first time you acquired those riches because now you can live a fuller more complete life.

Source by Caolan Patrick

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