- An infrared short film by Jacob Pander and Marne Lucas.

Best Experimental Film 1995 NY Underground Film Festival
“Where technology and flesh collide.” WIRED MAGAZINE

In a cold tile operating room, a surgeon clad in a protective Ty-Vek suit, goggles and tight rubber gloves demonstrates her skill before a group of observers. They scrutinize the eerie coupling between the surgeon and patient, whose bodies merge like molten lava. Thermal coitus draws the viewer into an erotic experience that probes beneath the boundary of skin. (trt 12:50) (explicit)


Starring: Gina Velour and Otto Wrek

Directed by: Jacob Pander

Written by Marne Lucas and Jacob Pander
Producer: Roman Guenther
, Marne Lucas and Arnold Pander
Cinematographer: Steve Doughton

Art Direction: Marne Lucas

Sets and Props: Benjamin Hayden

Music: Michael Gerard

Sound Engineering: Brian Jones

2019 ‘Uncensored Festival’ London, U.K.
2015 ‘Sousveillance: Inverse Surveillance’ shorts program Olympia Film Festival, WA.
2014 ExplOratorium Museum, Sexplorations special event, San Francisco, California
2013 Best of the Chicago Underground Film Festival- 20th Anniversary, curated by Jack Sargeant
2011 ‘Hotter Than July’ NY Studio Gallery, curated by Savannah Spirit
2010 CPH:DOX International Documentary Film Festival – Presented

1998 Institute of Contemporary Art, London. American Underground Film, curated by Jack Sargeant.
1997 Honolulu Underground Film Festival – Best Experimental
1997 23rd Annual NW Film and Video Festival – Judges Award
1996 Copenhagen Film and Video Workshop – 3rd Prize, plus grant
1995 Chicago Underground Film Festival – Best Experimental Film, 2nd Prize
1995 New York Underground Film Festival – Best Experimental Film

THE OPERATION is a collaboration by Jacob Pander and Marne Lucas, shot in 48 hours on a minuscule budget, utilizing thermal imaging technology. Their exploration of erotic imagery stems from an interest in the viewer’s psychological and sexual response. THE OPERATION represents a merging of their equal fascination with the macabre beauty of the human body as viewed by science and technology; by using new infrared imaging devices, the boundaries between physical and intellectual stimulation become blurred.

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