Teradek RT – New for NAB 2019

Experience the latest in wireless lens control technology with the all-new Teradek RT ecosystem: CTRL.3, CTRL.1, MDR.X, and MOTR.X.

CTRL.3 – a feature-rich, powerful 3-axis wireless controller with built-in lens mapping and data storage. When paired with any SmallHD monitor running OS3, CTRL.3 displays critical lens data as overlays directly on the monitor, allowing camera assistants to pull focus and keep eyes on the image.

MDR.X – an ultra-lightweight, 3-axis receiver for any industry standard camera. MDR.X features full focus/iris/zoom support, integrated RED camera control, and an OLED display for lens information.

MOTR.X – superior speed and responsiveness for any camera lens. Motors feature in/out motor ports for data and power, allowing motors to be daisy-chained to reduce cable clutter. Motors also feature a selection button and indicator lights for focus/iris/zoom.

The new Teradek RT products provide a powerful, intelligent lens control solution to achieve unparalleled precision and efficiency on set.

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