State of the Union – March 4th 2019

URGENT: CoinMD will be closing its operations on March 29th, 2019, Unless…

Please watch video –

Dear CoinMD Members,

We have a serious short term challenge that we are faced with and I really need your help. 

You are receiving this email because you have purchased a membership and I do not want you to lose this membership. I am coming to you for help with an offer that will enable CoinMD to keep its doors open. 

CoinMD has grown quickly – in fact too quickly and we have run out of operating capital. This is a good and bad problem. 

The positive news is that our major technology expenses are mostly paid for, we know the secret to growing quickly and we have 250,000 renewal notices of $29.95 that will be invoiced in 2019. In addition to the annual renewal fees we have over a thousand $199.95 end-of-term fees that will be invoiced in 2019 as well. We have a good revenue model to pay for the operating expenses of the company.

Here is the challenging news… We have a short term cash crunch and we are out of money NOW. We are faced with shutting down the company if we do not raise a minimum of $100,000 by the end of March.

We have immediate liabilities of $77,000 and need capital for March and April expenses to bridge us until we see the annual renewal fees for wallets being paid. 

Major creditors include:
Prolitus – IT Team
TrustedCFO – Accounting
iMatrix – MLM software company
AWS – Hosting
Legal Liabilities

We have a total of $250,000 in liabilities but expect we can work with our vendors and pay the balance of $180k before the end of 2019 out of revenues. 

We are working with a tech team right now to switch over to the Ethereum platform which will allow us to list our coin on several decentralized exchanges. The new automated webinar system is built. The CMDXFit is ready and CoinMDChoice healthcare marketplace is ready to start adding providers. We will also be adding the H-Wallet and the Hdata leasing system before our two year anniversary July 2019.

I have never been so excited about the future of our CoinMD 2.0 business model… and, I have never been so humbled by this financial challenge. 

We are positioned in the market with an awesome base of members and we have a passion-driven vision and mission. Please watch the video above to learn more CLICK HERE

I know you love CoinMD and so do I – that is why you bought a membership so, now I am asking you to become an owner of the company by joining our Crowdfunder campaign and investing a minimum of $100 to help us move beyond this short term challenge. 

You can of course do more, but if you will do the $100 minimum you will get some equity in the company and we will wave your $29.95 Annual renewal fee for 2019. 

SPECIAL OFFER: The first 1,000 to do a minimum of $149USD (or more) and we will add 30,000 CMD coins to your wallet. We will also match your investment in U$D (previous known as CMDT) so you can sell it to fund a new membership in the future. We will waive the $29.95 fee for 2019. That is a lot of value for the price of a CMDPrime membership.


$149 USD minimum investment receives:
CMDPrime Membership ($149 in U$D)
Equity at .33 a share
Waive the 2019 $29.95 Annual Fee
30,000 CMD coins for the first 1000

Please get this message out to your team and do what you can to help – CoinMD has a bright future but we have to get over this minor hurdle. If we do not raise the $100,000 in March CoinMD will shut its doors.

Become an owner of CoinMD and cancel this years annual admin fee!  – 1,000 members investing $100 = $100k and helps CoinMD weather the storm!

If you would like to do $5k or more and would like a call, please email

Become an owner and invest in the future of Smart Currency.


Live Healthy and Be Wealthy,

Tom McMurrain

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