Sony HDC-3300 HD Super Motion Camera at Boston Bruins Hockey

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I shot a quick and dirty behind the scenes at the Boston Garden yesterday while we set up for the Bruins game.

I have the privilege of using the $130,000 Sony HDC-3300 HD SuperMo broadcast camera. I find this technology very interesting and I have tried to explain it in layman’s terms.

UPDATE: Someone emailed me…I was a little low with the retail price, the camera actually retails for $270,000.00 without the lens. If you do not believe me, look here: /b2b/broadcast_production/release/9092.html …But maybe you can get it used for $130,000?

This short explains how the camera works, how it is recorded/played back and why it is important to be able to capture fast action sports at 90 frames per second.

I have also written two blogs about this camera on my website, please check out:

Game footage courtesy of New England Sports Network. Sorry it is in standard def and 4:3, I did not have time to get it off the HD melt reel.

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