SIMETRI Crypto Evaluation Framework Part I – by Crypto Briefing

We started Crypto Briefing ( two years ago with the mission of bringing our readers honest news and research they could trust.

Since then, together, we have been through the biggest crypto bull market and we have survived through the longest bear market ever.

And now, we are embarking on yet another exciting bull cycle together. Only this time around we are smarter, more experienced and better informed.

Over the past 9 months we have continued to evolve our evaluation framework and develop our research tools and strategies.

On May 13th, 2019 we announced that we beat the market by 52%.

And we promised that we would soon reveal how we did it.

In this video, Part I, you will learn:

– How we think about cryptocurrency investments
– Our core strategy to finding profitable crypto investments
– And the 2 of the 7 tenets of our crypto evaluation framework: the Market Opportunity and the Technology Case

In the next video, Part II (, you will learn about:

– The remaining 5 out of 7 tenets of our crypto evaluation framework: the Ecosystem, the Token Economics, the Team, token performance, and the Roadmap
– How we grade projects
– How we pick out the winners.

We hope this video helps you become a more informed and more profitable crypto investor.

For more information about SIMETRI’s premium research offering check out

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