Samsung Securities mPOP Application

VinylC has released an mPOP video of an overseas smartphone application released by Samsung Securities through Korea FinTech Week 2019.

The three-day “Korea FinTech Week 2019” held at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) from May 23 is an event where you can experience the global fintech trend and the present and future of Korea’s fintech industry. Samsung Securities Co. drew the attention of many people who visited the event by unveiling its mPOP at Korea Fintech Week 2019. Samsung Securities mPOP provides one-stop processing of foreign exchange and domestic and overseas stock transactions, as well as various overseas news and financial statements of foreign companies.

We have noted that we analyze the stock trading details of customers using Samsung Securities mPOP and visualize AI stock recommendation services that recommend and offer stocks that meet their preferences quickly and easily. We want to highlight the optimal trading convenience by providing a video with service flow that can be viewed and ordered with minimal touch.

Based on his diverse experience, VinylC will continue to expand his business into various branding and video content areas, including UX design and strategy, through digital products centered on user experience through convergence between the technology industry and creative.

Samsung Securities mPOP Application Movie

Client : Samsung Securities
Project Manager : You Jeongseon
UI Designer : Ahn Sumin
Motion Designer : Cha Seunghong

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