Pros and Cons of Space Exploration

Today, a lot is being said about space. There is even talk of making space the next tourist destination. Already the first private space shuttle has been tested in Russia and very soon this travel may become a reality.

Already space has been explored a lot by astronomers and researchers. Many manned and unmanned space missions have been conducted by different countries. Researchers are looking for newer ways to explore space, to help us understand what lies beyond.

However, while there are proponents of space exploration, there are also critics. So, one has to weigh the pros and cons before furthering space exploration.

One of the biggest pros of space exploration is being able to discover the unknown facts about space. The universe is a mysterious place and by conducting space exploration, many of the mysteries can be answered. The exploration will also help mankind to discover new minerals and precious metals. It is quite possible that in one of the explorations we may find an alien race similar to the humans. Maybe we are not alone in this immense universe. As pollution plays havoc with Earth, space exploration may help us find another planet that we can inhabit if Earth becomes unlivable. The thrill of seeking something new and different can spur many people’s sense of adventure. So, space exploration has the potential to satisfy this need.

On the other hand, the money spent on the exploration and subsequent research is immense. If this money was used to help an underdeveloped country, it could have brought happiness and a better way of life to millions. The national wealth is used for space research and exploration and if the same money was used to help the down and out of the society, it would have been better spent. Also, the manned spaceships sent to space risk the lives of astronauts. Many astronauts have been killed when their spaceships have exploded while returning to Earth. It is quite possible that there maybe harmful microorganisms in space which could be lethal to mankind. So, the risk is always there that in one of manned or unmanned space missions, these microorganisms may find there way to Earth.

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