PC Simulation Games – Fun and Learning All in One Game

PC simulation games are among the very first games to have been designed and developed. And guess who developed one of the very first ones? Yes it was Microsoft. And today these programs are some of the best developed and advances computer games available on the market.

So what makes a good simulation game? Well, especially it's down to user experience, so it does depend on what you are looking for. Take for example a flying game. There are the basic levels of take off, flying and landing, which it is good for everyone to start off with. You can then move up a level, and try landing your aircraft in turbulent weather conditions.

For the more serious advanced user, there are some highly strategic missions that can be embarked upon. Not only flying your plane through war zones, but also, planning and designing your own combat campaign.

These games are great for getting people to think on a more strategic level, and for helping them develop and hone their planning skills. With the more advanced games, it is not just your own plane you have to worry about, but also other planes in your flight path.

If you want to really test your skills, you can usually play these games against others, and see how you fare out under competitive pressure. Some of these games can also be educational. For example some computer flying games have been developed around real time historical situations. One of these is WW2. Many simulation programs are designed around actual events, such as battles, including the locations types of planes used, real flight paths and much more.

So if you have children (or adults) and you want to start getting them interested in historical events and history, these are the games to buy. Not only that but you could be investing in their future by fosting the next generation of pilots !.

While these games have been around the longest they are still the most popular and make consistent sales, as they never fail to deliver. They are inexpensive to buy and you will get endless hours of pleasure from them.

Source by Ian Jump

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