Oh, Possum!

What really happens when possums play dead?
Oh, Possum! is an animated short about two bickering brothers and the secret world of “playing possum.”

Read more on the making of Oh, Possum! at justinhilden.com/ohpossum

Northwest Animation Festival 2017: Official Selection
Animation Block Party 2016 : Official Selection
Spark Animation Festival 2016 : Official Selection
RAW Science Film Festival 2016 : Finalist
St. Cloud Film Festival 2016 : Official Selection

Featured on:
Ain’t It Cool News Saturday Shorts
Show Me The Animation
Illustrator’s Lounge
Stash TV

Full Credits:

Directed and Animated by: Justin Hilden
Story by: Justin Hilden, Dave Hilden
Story Edited by: Autumn Hilden
Ellsworth Voiced by: Jonesy McElroy
Switch Voiced by: Jeff Rogers
Additional Voices by: Jonesy McElroy, Autumn Hilden, Dave Hilden, CJ Wilson
Voice Recording Engineer: Shea Formaneck
Foley Recording Engineer: Aaron Moe
“Possum Theme”
Music by: Aaron Moe
Performed by: Aaron Moe
“TV Japan”
Music and Lyrics by: Stone Nowhere (used by permission)
Arrangement by: Aaron Hilden
Performed by: William Muñoz, Aaron Moe, Martin Anderson, John Luedtke
Recorded at: Mojo Menace Studios
Title and Poster Design by: Dave Douglass
Special Thanks: Matt Cuny, Steve Carver, Maryanne Pittman, Kelli Bixler
For Aaron
Made in Burbank, California
Copyright © 2016 Justin Hilden

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