Message From the Universe: The Best Is Yet to Come, 10 000 Times Over

“If you do something unpredictable today, so will I, times 10,000.

Careful now,

The Universe”

Think outside the box and stay away from your comfort zone. Many will stand on top of that cliff refraining from taking that leap because they are not sure what will be waiting for them at the bottom, or if they will hit hard once they get down. There are two things that can happen. First, you stay on top of that cliff, don’t take that leap of faith and live life in your little bubble. Nothing much exciting will ever happen and you will see everyone around you succeed while you are still doing the same damn boring job, not moving much in life but at least, you stay in your little safety zone. The second, if that you do take that jump, where you are uncertain to what will happen, and yes, you may get hurt, you will hit a few bumps on your way down but you can find peace that your parachute will open. The Universe will not let anything happen to you. It will be scary, that I can guarantee but you will do something that many are too afraid of doing. You need to be proud about that.

It is crucial to look ahead and focus on what you need to do. It will not always be comfortable, or you won’t see immediate results, but it will happen. Patience is a virtue and you will need a lot of it. It will be depressing at times, where you will feel like you are going against a hard wall, that nothing can break it and that there is NO way around it. The journey to 1000 miles always starts with the first step, so be ready to take that first one. Do not worry about the other 999 miles or so, as you will figure it out as you go. I am sure that you may, at times, redesign the path you are in, and in some cases, might have to turn back and take another path as the one you are in may not be the best one for you. Remember, you need to live for yourself, and not what others think what’s best for you. Never ask for others opinion of what you should do, you are a grown up, start making decisions for yourself.

Source by Daniel A Amzallag

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