Message From the Universe: Once Upon a Time, in This Universe

“If, once upon a time in your life, suddenly and without warning, an event, a person, or some unexpected good news changed everything for the better, it can only mean one thing…

Chances are astronomically high that it will happen again.

I’m just sayin’ –

The Universe”

Why did it happen before and not again? Why would you think it was a ONE time deal to not ever happen again? Your thoughts, at that time, were positive in nature, which rendered the great thing we are talking about. So, if history should repeat itself, think positive again and you shall see positive changes. This is not rocket science here, it is just how the Universe works. Of course, the same can happen for the bad things in your life. Think negative and you will experience challenges and hurdles in your life that may make you question as to why these things are happening to you. Remember one thing though, all of the good or bad events happening in your life are not directly correlated to your thought process as actions and beliefs are a part of this equation. If you think positive but do nothing to make your thoughts a reality, you will not experience greatness and wealth, and eventually wonder if this Law of Attraction actually works. The good thing about negative thoughts are just that, just thoughts, as NO one will ever put actions into something bad happening to them. That is why it takes a lot more negative thoughts to run through your mind to eventually manifest themselves in your life. As no one ever want to put belief and action behind negativity, the Universe takes its time to process these negative thoughts from happening.

I guess this explanation is enough for you to start taking action now that you understand the mechanism of the Laws of Attraction. This is NO real secret as to how it works, and why it works that way. It is important to not take everything literally, as many theories gladly contradicts the laws of attraction and its functionality. The many car accidents, plane crashes, drownings and so much more happening every year to innocent people couldn’t be the case of thinking negative and death should follow. There is also being at the wrong place at the wrong time and for many unfortunate human beings, life can end in a flash. The key to living life is to not let possible death stop you from enjoying every moment you have on Earth. As death and taxes are imminent, why try to divert them? It will eventually happen, no matter what you do or don’t do.

Source by Daniel A Amzallag

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