Message From the Universe: Let's Start From the Beginning!

"Before this odyssey ever began, there was you, your best friends, and wide-eyed curiosity about you about who would be the first to leap, the first to forget, the first to kiss, the first to tell, the first to fall , the first to get back up, and the first to remember that it all began with a dare: to love in spite of it all.

Is that you, Mergatroid?

The Universe "

There is a start to everything in life. We are born to live for about 75 years to ever allow other souls to enter this earth and continue its mission. We start by crawling on the floor, then slowly standing up, then walking, running, until we go back to slowing down our pace and possibly require some tools to help us walk again. Life is a cycle and it is critical that we focus on the reasons why we were put to Earth to accomplish.It is hard to determine our mission in this world as we were not born with a manual that we can use and follow step by step to achieve our mission. What is there for us to do? Well, it really depends on you. It depends on your commitment to becoming a better person as you navigate through life. There is no way to know what really works until you confront your fears and go for what you believe is right.

God gave us free will to do whatever we needed to do and allow us to take initiative that will allow us to become great person. There is no short-cut with this process as you will need to learn the hard way to get what you want out of life. As long as you are ambitious with your thoughts and actions, the rest will follow. Do not fret on the little details or get deterred from your path because of obstacles representing appearing out of now. This is life and it is important to always adapt to these changes. The Universe started with the big bang, but you need to always finish with a bang. Show what you are capable of doing, not to impress others, but to impress yourself. The Universe will listen, that's a promise!

Source by Daniel A Amzallag

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