Message From the Universe: It’s Suppose to Be Easy. Trust Me!

“It’s supposed to be easy. Everything is supposed to be easy. Everything is easy. You live in a dream world. You’re surrounded by illusions. And the illusions change when you change your thinking!

Tell yourself it’s easy. Tell yourself often. Make it an affirmation. Eat, sleep, breathe it, and your life shall be transformed.

It’s supposed to be easy,

The Universe”

We tend to complicate our life just because when things are easy, we can’t seem to grasp the reality of it. It is often said when something is to good to be true, then it’s certainly is. The same goes for the easy things in our lives. We are accustomed to experience difficulties daily, and we got used to it because this is how it is suppose to be. We never really take the time to slow down and figure out how can we find ways to make things easier and less stressful. The lazy people have mastered that process as they constantly find ways to do things with the least effort possible. They don’t seem to be bothered by complicated process because they will always find a way to simplify their lives. I personally admire them because after so many years of practice when looking for the easy way out in everything they do, they were able to re-wire their brains in doing the strict minimum. and still find a way to succeed.

I am sure they have some hidden secrets on how to see everything in life as being easy. They may be delusional at times but it seems to work for them pretty well. Why can we all have that talent? Maybe they know some things we do not know. Maybe their thinking is different and look at the world with different lens. I wish I knew so I can write about it and share my newfound knowledge so everyone can take advantage and live life stress free. I guess the only thing we can do is tell ourselves that everything is easy, more often than not. If we start affirming that everyday, we might see things differently and enjoy our easy and simple life. Why not try that for a change.

Source by Daniel A Amzallag

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