Mercedes-Benz – First Of A New Kind (60″ Teaser)

Challenge the elements. Master all kinds of terrains with unparalleled elegance. It’s the dawn of an new era. The first of a new kind. Introducing the Mercedes-Benz X-Class – the world’s first premium class pick-up truck – coming in 2018.

Just like the X our film defies all classic rules of car commercials. Artful image compositions and a captivating montage, entirely created in CG, mystify the design and performance of the vehicle. Director Ole Peters wielded these tools to paint a picture of highly advanced technology and epic cinematography, teasing the audience, showing enough, while not revealing too much.


Client: Mercedes-Benz Vans

Agency: Lukas Lindemann Rosinski

Production & Post-Production Studio: Sehsucht
Additional VFX: Important Looking Pirates
Music & Sound Design: 2WEI Music

Likes: 1235

Viewed: 47322


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