Late Season Freezes Globally & Indoor Water Recirculating Fish Farming for Cold Climates (341)

With all of the late season snows across the northern hemisphere, and the media telling everyone, it’s normal look at the 1980s there were last snows then, but in the same breath pushing the world is still warming CO2 agenda, we are going to need to start recirculating aquaculture system implementation for protein sources when global crops diminish around 2019.

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Chiba Prefecture, Japan – Severe cold like midwinter………
Green Fish Farming Future Indoor Factories…
Blue Ridge Aquaculture, Inc. is the world’s largest producer of tilapia using indoor recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). Recirculating systems maximize water re-use through the removal of solids, bio-filtration, gas balancing, oxygenation and disinfection. This technology eliminates the need for a large water source as well as the environmental impact associated with disposing of wastewater.
Botswana quake
Ice and snow across usa………………

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