Is There A Spirit of the Universe?

The short answer is yes, but how do we prove it? The best place to start is with the known and work backwards. That takes us into all of space and the creation of everything in and around our world and the little voice within that leads and guides. The unknown is what has been hidden, covered over, altered, or removed. Everything is an open book, however, when logic and reason is coupled with experience.

My experience of reincarnation is a teacher of Spirit power and awareness. It is not unique as many thousands have memory of the same. In my case, however, the memory stayed due to a different language that came with me and prevented anyone overriding my experience. Unfortunately for many they are talked out of the memory as imagination.

The first thing to note of that recall is that there is no heaven or hell and that everyone who has lived in back in a body as we are in the last days. This is verified in the Old Testament prophecies where the Spirit took me to understand the place from where religions were derived. They start from the same point and sun worship.

The evidence is irrefutable and strongly tied up in language and symbols we use on a daily basis. It is also highlighted in costumes worn by clergy and in the gods they worship. The question now is how and why do they hide the Spirit?

The Catholic Church holds the answers because it was established in 325AD by Constantine, emperor of Rome. He built the Vatican as a parliament of bishops to control the populations of the many nations he ruled over. The local priests understood the culture and languages of their areas and were able to force people to obey the church.

The lie it is based on is that Jesus Christ came to earth through a magical process and founded the religion. The prophecies in the Old Testament were altered to support the lie and then the New Testament was produced (all by Jerome) to cement it into place.

Forces that opposed the claim was supposedly the work of the so-called devil. That means anything spiritual cannot be accepted, unless it is done by a priest. But the Spirit of the Universe does not work through religion and the lies put the real God out of action for most who follow them.

The Spirit of the Universe is everywhere and in control of all things including religion. The reason it allowed the lies is so that non-spiritual people will not discover the truth and overturn it. One has only to look into space to see the magnitude of God as it is in every part of it. Also look at creation as a whole and how everything works perfectly together. That is the real Divine power that is overridden by religion.

Source by Norma Holt

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