FuturePerfect 2019 – 2020: US Tour of Verdensteatret’s New Work HANNAH (excerpts)

In their new production HANNAH, the Oslo-based art collective Verdensteatret is exploring ideas about geological time and attention fatigue. In November 2016 Verdensteatret went on a research journey to the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, the same destination as they had 10 years ago. With this research Verdensteatret has, for the first time, chosen to repeat a journey and gather material from somewhere they have already been.
 Along this journey they have questioned the nature of repetition, and if repetition is at all possible. Questions that reveal doubt as a gravitational center for their orientation. The repetition points forwards in time, and is an integral part of what is seen and what is done. In the present piece Verdensteatret works with elaborate spatial compositions that provoke a state of absorption in an immersive audio-visual space. These compositions consist of material generated in an electronic feedback system. This material forms a sedimentation process that unfolds as a fixed attention towards exhaustion and the act of observing slow changes. Like a physical object slowly affects its surroundings.

A production from Verdensteatret is a glimpse of a present, a state of transitions and passages through phenomenons. The present is a memory in motion.
 At the same time, there has never been so much past as right now.

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