Discovery Channel Canada: DAILY PLANET: OPEN

Daily Planet is Discovery Canada’s number one show, and the only one-hour daily science news show in the world. They needed a graphics refresh to reflect this and to launch them into international primetime. The programme showcases science and technology in an adrenaline fuelled and accessible way. We were tasked with representing the show’s mix of high tech, sophisticated content and sense of fun, and also with attracting new, younger viewership without alienating their primarily 25-54 year old male audience. We achieved this by creating high-octane graphics that centred on a spark of energy and it’s journey through the core to ignite the Daily Planet reactor. The high production value of the Daily Planet package has been successful in enticing new viewers and pushing the boundaries for news graphics.


Creative Direction: James Hubbarde, Isaac Cheung

Concept Design: Amy Locatelli, Luis Torres, Filip Radu

3D Modeling and Animation: Luis Torres, Henry Tao, Amy Locatelli, , Daryl MacInnis, Filip Radu, Filip Lind, Mathew Knegt

Compositing: Henry Tao, Luis Torres, Amy Locatelli, Filip Radu

Likes: 202

Viewed: 5418


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