Breakthrough Teaser

Ron Howard. Peter Berg. Paul Giamatti, Brett Ratner, Akiva Goldsman and Angela Bassett. Six visionary directors bring their personal touch to six stories from the cutting edge of science. Breakthrough is a partner production with GE and the National Geographic Channel, and it’s kind of a big deal. We called Prodigal Pictures to help launch the global campaign and bring the concept of each director’s signature style to life in this first teaser spot.

News and Documentary Emmy Nominee – Outstanding Promotional Announcement

National Geographic Channel
SVP Creative – Andy Baker
SVP Brand Strategy – Emanuele Madeddu
VP Branding/Design – Mariano Barreiro
Writer/Creative Director – Tyler Korba
Creative Director, Design – Brian Everett
Director, Consumer Marketing – Alyshia Linares
Senior Project Manager – Leah Wojda

Prodigal Pictures
Director – Danny Yount
Executive Producer – Grant Julian
Producers – Craig Anderson, Nate Lipp
Editor – David Nitzsche
Directors of Photography – Connor O’Brien, Andrew Shankweiler, Marc Ritzema
Designer/Animators – Toros Kose, Nicolas Girard, Chris Bjerre
Original Music – Tim Heintz

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