Baseball in a Zero Gravity Environment – Playing Baseball in a Space Colony Considered

It's hard to say what they will call it in the future, baseball that is. After all if you are playing baseball in a space colony is it really baseball or space ball? Imagine hitting the ball in zero gravity, there would be nothing to slow the ball down once you hit it. In other words every time you hit the ball you would hit it out of the park and have a home run. Obviously, you'd run out of balls quick, therefore it's time for futurists to consider how to play baseball in space.

Since it is one of America's favorite pastimes, and since the United States is on the leading edge of space exploration, you know someday we will have colonies, and those colonists will wish to play baseball. They will not be satisfied merely watching baseball games on Earth televised onto the surface of Mars in their space colony. The other day I was considering this and trying to figure out how the stadiums would be built for playing baseball in a lunar colony, or a Martian colony.

You couldn't build big stadiums because that would take up too much space, and would be very hard to fill it with oxygen. The players could play outside, but they would need special breathing apparatuses, and with low gravity, they certainly could hit the ball further, therefore the baseball field would have to be bigger, or would it?

What if they played in a smaller environment? What if they played inside of a small dome, not much bigger than the actual diamond in the center of the baseball field? Perhaps the dome could register the velocity of the ball strike against the side thus, determining if the ball would have made it out of the stadium by calculating the impact speed and kinetic energy behind the ball at the time of the strike, and the angle too . That might be one way to play it, and we do have that technology now.

Some folks believe that the future of baseball will be more of a sophisticated game of Wii or Kinect in an augmented reality situation. Yes, that's another possibility. Putting forth Baseball Cages wouldn't be difficult, and hooking that up with augmented reality would give the space colonists the feel as if they were playing baseball. But somehow I suspect that humans will want to play a full game of baseball on a full field.

Will the space colonists be happy with a different arrangement, or will they wish to play outside on the surface of the planet on a leveled off playing field with an actual baseball diamond? Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow

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