5 Dynamic User-Engagement Strategies for Apps in 2019

While an app listed in the top in app stores can certainly drive enough traffic and downloads, there's no certainty that the users will stay and keep using the app. To put simply, only equipping your app with some top-notch features is not enough. You need to get along the customers' perceptions to know their pain points and address them with your app. Users are simply looking for benefits or some utility and so your app will be worth using only when it can address their changing needs. That means it will offer them a long-term value. Adhering to this, there's the need for a prominent user-engagement strategy if businesses want to garner a vast audience for their app assuring its success in the long run.

Following are some promising user-engagement strategies that can help your app earn a great number of users.

Customize app's permissions

All apps essentially need the user's permission to access the other resources of the device, like contacts, photo gallery or locations for delivering services with accuracy. However, too much of access requests will annoy them and may raise a question on the trust factor of the app for asking so many personal information. Consequently, you need to reduce the required app permissions and give customized options where some permissions can be ignored if users do not want to provide.

Master the strategy of push notifications

Push notifications are the soundest way to recover the inactive users or lure the existing users to keep hooked to your app. While many users can trick away push notifications by simply opting out, you need to show the actual value of staying to them with instant rewards, repurchase offers / coupons or cashback offers. For that, use push notifications for just not reminding them about your services or new services launch but to some actionable content for them. Clicking into the notifications will offer them value by landing them directly on the app's page.

Put elements of personalization

Another compelling action for acquiring users for your app is personalization, which implies offering every individual user with an experience relevant to their usage pattern. The more the elements of the app are aligned to their preferences, the more is their chances to stay. Some deep-delved ways of personal an app are highlighting username everywhere, showing up products or services related to earlier purchases, customized messages based on user's needs, and personalized greetings.

In-app messaging

It is an effective way re-engaging the users who quite love your app and hence get eager with any new offers, features, service or product or new levels. Use of targeted in-app messages is great to inform them about new improvements in the app and they can be targeted in any form, with a basic notification or some smart screen takeovers.

Apply a scheme for Incentivisation

Drive user-engagement in your app brilliantly by offering incentives to the existing users. Referral coupons, services rewards, specialized access to some pro features, special promotions etc. are some quirk and powerful incentivization ways to encourage users of your app to delve more in it and also draw others.

Today's mobile app market is immensely populated with every app vying to grab the maximum users. The goal is to not only raise up your downloads rate but also to keep back the users for assured returns. Thus, building brand loyalty with application of these winning user-engagement strategies can help your business app to leap forward with a vast user base.

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