Games: Below is a short section of games I play, or websites related to them.

Vendetta-Online: It has been a game I spent about 30% of my gaming time on since before it was released. No really – I played back in 2002 when the games engine was still under going development. Long story short it is a Space MMO, with shooting, trading, shooting, mining and shooting, economy. I like the shooting bit, and some people actually build capships and stuff! Not me, I like shooting. It is worth checking out, especially because the devs of the game are really pushing out the stuff when it comes to VR. You can check it out for free for 8 hours (playtime) on PC, or play for free on Android and some other platforms.
Available for: Windows/Mac/Linux/Android/iOS/VR

Armagetron Advanced: Any fan of the film Tron will love this game! It is basically the Light Cycle part recreated for many operating systems. At its basics it is snake, in 3D. At it’s peak it was the place to be. I had so much fun playing this simple yet addictive game across so many servers, with so many people.
Available for: Windows/Mac/Linux/More versions in testing!

Unreal Tournament: And one to keep an eye on. Many many many games you now play are made using the Unreal engine, but for me this game will always be about FRAGS. FRAGS when I was playing alone back in 1998 with the first demo I got my hands on. FRAGS when I first took the demo version online (at 58.8kbps too!).
Sure, I knew about Doom and Quake and even Duke Nukem 3D, but for me this was the first game that I actually played online to any real degree. Sure I met up with friends and people I *knew* to play games before this, but it was the first game I actually went online searching for random people to play against.

I honestly wish Unreal could find a way back to their own roots, and rather than being an Engine for everyone, would just remake UT 99 for modern hardware. To be fair though, there are enough projects out there that work with the little source code they have to produce stuff like . Anyway enough ranting 🙂
Available for: Windows/Mac/Linux/Android/iOS/VR