VRidge 2.4 is LIVE – iOS released!

iOS version released

It’s been a long time for iPhone users, but finally Riftcat were able to finish what many of them have waited for. iOS version of VRidge is now LIVE! VRidge 2.4 is released to everyone – your mobile app and RiftCat desktop client will automatically update.

Finally VRidge can now be used with iPhones so simply update RiftCat client and download VRidge from iOS App Store to have fun with PC VR! I have not used the App on iOS but expect a lot of feedback from this one so if more news arrives I will keep you updated!

Here are a couple of videos I have made with Riftcat, using the inbuilt “stream to facebook” feature – I think you will agree that these games look more than just “playable”, Riftcat has come a long way since it started!(P.S. please excuse the bad driving, I was tired :D)

Project Cars 2


As you can see, both games are very very playable – there is a lot of quality loss, as the FB stream is only low resolution, and low bitrate – but you can see how little latency there is. I have done a lot of tweaking and used a lot of different setups to get my near perfect results. I will do a guide one day!

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