Super Mario Bros, Best Selling Video Game Of All Time

Have you ever wondered what the best selling video game of all time is? Well the guys over at Gaming Steve asked just that, and what they found may surprise some of you.

As it turns out, Super Mario Bros, takes the number one spot in the Guinness Book of World Records as selling the most copies. An accolade helped in large part by its bundling with the NES.

In the PC world, the oddly popular The Sims take top spot, with Pac-Man walking off with number one in the arcade community. As a measure of their success, all of these titles have seen unbelievable franchise success with countless additions and spin-offs.

Although Halo 2 did not make the list for most copies sold, it is the highest selling title of all time with sales in the millions world wide. Halo also holds the record for most games sold in a single day.

With the Nintendo Revolution, Sony PS3 and Xbox 360 opening the doors for a whole new generation of gamers, it will be interesting to see if Mario can hold the top spot in a few years down the road. No doubt we will once again see Mario and all of our favorite franchise again in the near future.

Source by Ty Magnum

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