Let's Play: Super Punch-Out!!! (With Cheats)

Played by Boricuaretrogamer

Welcome back to another SNES Walkthroughs with cheats episode!
Back in a few months ago I played Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!! for NES & Famicom.
But now I play for the first time the fourth boxing game for the SNES and it’s called Super Punch-Out!!!

This game return with the previous characters like Super MachoMan, Bald Bull and including new boxing characters.
It was released on September 14, 1994 in the US by Nintendo IRD.
It also featured the voice acting by Charles Martinet, the guy who do the voice acting in Super Mario Bros.

Little Mac returns once again to this game as he fights his way to become the World Video Boxing Association champion.

Hope you enjoy it.
New SNES Walkthroughs every Wednesday!
(Note: This walkthrough is just a warmup prior to the next Walkthrough. Tune in next week and I’ll tell you all about it.)






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