How Does the NES/SNES Classic’s Hardware Compare to Other Emulation Hardware?

The SNES Classic is a dream come true for retro Nintendo fans, but the reverse opinion is that you should just use a Raspberry Pi and call it a day for your emulation needs. This got me thinking: how does the NES/SNES Classic hardware compare to other single board computers being used for emulation right now and what does this mean for possible future classic consoles from Nintendo?

This video takes a high level approach to examining and comparing single board computer specs, original console hardware specs, console hardware that runs Nintendo’s Virtual Console and overall how emulation works and what we might see in the future.

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Emulation Examples

Pokemon Stadium 2 with Mupen64Plus Emulation on Asus Tinker Board by knuxyl:

Mario Kart 64 with Retroarch Emulation on NES Classic Hardware by ETA Prime:

SNES Features Series by Retro Game Mechanics Explained:

NES/SNES Hardware Information

R16 SoC:
Macronix Flash Module MX30LF4G18AC-TI:,%203V,%202Gb,%20v1.4.pdf
EP952 HDMI Transmitter:

N64 Tech Specs:

Console Expansion Chips

NES Memory Management Controllers:
SNES Enhancement Chips:

Article on Ideal Emulation Hardware:

NES & SNES Classic Confirmed Same Hardware:

Nintendo Virtual Console:

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