Fun With Cheats #35 – Endless prizes (Link To The Past for SNES)

In this episode of Fun With Cheats I show off a way to gain great prizes in the otherwise random Treasure Chest game. I also demonstrate how to get to top speed in a flash, how to get to the end credits in seconds and lots more!

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Save state from here:
Cheats from here:
Other graphics from these sites

How to cheat: ZNES – While the game is running, go to the top menu button that says “Cheat” and click on “add code”. This will open up the code section. In the box labeled “enter code”, enter the codes as they appear on the website linked. Do not use the colon (:). The cheats will be activated automatically. You can toggle the cheats on or off by clicking on them or by highlighting a cheat and pressing the “toggle” button. Some codes may require a reset in order to function properly.

This video is offered under Fair Use and is not monetized by me. “The Legend of Zelda” and all related concepts are owned by Nintendo, with who I am not affiliated in any way.


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