Donkey Kong Country (SNES) Cheats + Action Replay + Game Genie Codes

In this video I will show you cheats, codes and barrel warps and level shortcuts. For a full list ofdonkey kong country on the SNES visit

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I hope you find these cheats useful and they help you to beat the game. If you use these cheats please let me know how you got on by posting about it in a comment below.

Hi there welcome to the video, Im the SNES Guy and Today Im going to show you some cheats that you can use for donkey kong country country on the snes to get extra lives, become invansable, jump higher and much more. I hope you enjoy this video on Donkey Kong Country SNES Cheats.

***50 lives*** The first cheat I am going to show you is how to start the game with 50 lives. When you get to the “Select a game screen” highlight “Erase Game” then press B, A, R, R, A, L. You will hear the special area sound which means the cheat has been activated. Start a game and you will have 50 lives

***Extra Lives*** Go back to the first level and use the spin jump to jump on to the trees at the start of the level, you will be able to get 5 lives easy, as soon as you have the lives press start then select to exit the level and then repeat the process.

***Unlimited Extra Lives*** For unlimited extra lives Go to the millstone Mayhem level, and make sure diddy kong is selected then go right, when you see the crusher run left and jump on the wall at the start of the level. When the crusher gets closer slide off and hold down b and left on the d pad. You will now get an extra live for every time you jump on the crusher. This is not really a Donkey Kong Country SNES Cheats but its good to practice these bonus rounds.

***Practice Bonus Rounds*** To Practice Bonus Rounds When you see Kranky Kong press down, y, down, down, y, the cheat will be activated when you hear the special area sound.

***Game Genie Codes*** I am now going to show you some Donkey Kong Country SNES Cheats game genie codes.

C2C9-4E2C / C2C1-4A9C Infinite lives
1768-C34D / 1768-C33D Start with 100 lives
A081-1273 / A086-13E3 High jump for Donkey Kong
3D81-1273 / 3D86-13E3 Mega-jump for Donkey Kong
8081-1E73 / 808B-1AE3 High jump for Diddy Kong
2D81-1E73 / 2D8B-1AE3 Mega-jump for Diddy Kong
DD6C-C7D4/DD62-C4A4 Pressing Select while paused exits any level,

***Action Replay Codes***

70C0B098 Infinite lives
B882B863 Start with 100 lives
B9AB27DE Invisible Characters
BFA2A060 Almost invincible–switch off if you get stuck
BFB964C4 High jump for Donkey Kong
BFB964E0 Mega-jump for Donkey Kong
BFB96CB4 High jump for Diddy Kong
BFB96CD0 Mega-jump for Diddy Kong

***Shortcuts + Barrel Warps***

I will also show you level shortcuts and Barrel warps for the following levels

Mine Cart Carnage – Shortcut / Barrel Warp
Stop And Go Station – Shortcut / Barrel Warp
Tree Top Town – Shortcut / Barrel Warp
Slipslide Ride – Shortcut / Barrel Warp
Trick Track Trek – Shortcut / Barrel Warp
Barrel Cannon Canyon – Shortcut / Barrel Warp

**** Thanks For Watching ****

Just to let you know I show you three types of cheats for %TITLE% on the SNES. The first type are cheats are general cheats that you can use on any game with out the use of a game genie or action replay.

The second and third cheats are cheats are codes you can use on the game genie or action replay. I have tested all codes used in this video. If you know of any codes in this video that do not work please let me know in a comment below.

I hope this video on %TITLE% SNES Cheats + Action Replay | Game Genie Codes has helped you to beat the game. If you are aware of any tips I have missed off please post about them in a comment below.

If you are looking for more SNES cheats please check out the cheats on my site at


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