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The Nintendo Wii is a great games console. It is radically different from other game consoles available on the market. The games included with the Wii are excellent and introduce you to the Wii controller in a very appropriate manner. They all have the usual Nintendo feel and stamp of family fun. The Wii remote and the Nunchuck controller feel a little different at first, but they are very intuitive to use because using body movements to play games is far easier than just pressing keys.

Wii setup is pretty easy and enables you to start playing games fairly quickly. Playing games on the Wii is smooth and very absorbing. Even though Wii graphics do not have the best resolution, they are more than adequate for games. What is truly innovative is the design of the games controller, and the way Nintendo have integrated it into the manner in which you have to play the games. If you like to play games with friends and family, you will have to get a second controller to get into the spirit of things; you will not regret it.

The Wii wireless setup is also very easy. After connecting the Wii, you can immediately check sports, weather, and news over Nintendo's free online service. The Wii uses a standard SD card for memory. You can get a Wii high capacity memory card for a fairly reasonable price.

The battery life in the Wii leaves something to be desired. The Wii drains AA batteries fairly quickly. The Wii remote sometimes looses it's connection with the console when the batteries are low on power. The Wii wrist strap may not be very durable, but Nintendo are very prompt in dealing with any warranty claims you may have.

The quality of the materials and workmanship on the Wii is excellent. The Wii remote is sturdy enough to withstand being dropped by kids. The Nintendo Wii usually sells out very quickly, so get it as soon as it is available at your local store.

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