Nintendo 64 Longplay [057] Pokemon Stadium

Played by: RickyC

The video goes through all of R1. I start with the gym leader castle, followed by the mini games, then the pokemon stadium mode and ending with the mewtwo battle. After this you unlocked R2 which repeats everything but the CPU pokemon have higher stats.

There are some glitches with the emulation. A couple of moves that affect the ground, like strength, cause the ground to go black until the next move. The pictures of pokemon may not always appear correctly too.

Gym leader castle: 00:00:59
Mini games: 02:52:58
Poke cup: 03:04:18
Prime cup: 04:57:31
Petit cup: 06:53:21
Pika cup: 07:24:09
Mewtwo: 07:51:04


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