How to Play N64 Games on your Android 2019 – EASY

Hello everyone! This is Shawn here bringing you another FANTASTIC video! This is a tutorial for anyone who is sick and tired of playing those repetitive phone games on your smart phone, switch it up a little and play some classics! With this easy tutorial I show you an easy way to download and play your favorite classic Nintendo N64 games on your Android (Ios/Windows Video coming soon!). The game I downloaded in the tutorial was The Legend of Zelda Orcarina of Time, this has got to be the best game I have ever played, since the game was released in 1998 by Shigeru Miyamoto it has to this date been my all time favorite game, PERIOD. I recommend downloading and playing if you haven’t already, cheers!

Hey Guys, I have an updated version of this if it isn’t working for you, follow the link here 🙂

***I will upload an Ios and Windows Version soon, Thanks!***

Links will be in the description below;

Thank you for watching!

The Legend of Zelda Orcarina of time:,_The_-_Ocarina_of_Time_(USA)/39915

Mega N64 (Emulator):


Background music:

Aqua Vitae – Future World Music

Shout out to Carson Clark! Check out his channel for more videos:

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