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The video game market is constantly changing, with better graphics, gameplay and effects. Modern Motorbike games are now very realistic and with online connectivity you can play your friends with your Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 or PC. In this article I will let you know the best modern motorcycle games to go for.

Moto GP 09/10 – Available for PS3 and Xbox 360

Moto GP 09/10 is the official game of the MotoGP series from the 09/10 season. You can play as the real riders from the season on their own genuine motorcycles – perfect replicas of the real life racers. The racing is authentic too on genuine tracks from different countries that the 09/10 year goes through.

Yamaha Supercross – Available for Nintendo DS, PC and Nintendo Wii

Yamaha Supercross is a motorbike game based around Yamaha’s own dirt bikes, ride you Yamaha around tracks, perform stunts and compete in a league to become the best rider around.

SBK Superbike – Available for Xbox 360 and PS3

SBK Superbike is rated as the best motorcycle game available today. With 12 official tracks and 22 real riders, there is plenty of combination’s and lifespan in the play to keep you interested for a long time. The AI isn’t generic for all riders too, each one is individually programmed to replicate the riders on style and techniques! There is an arcade more and the more harder realistic mode to compete in.

Moto GP 08 – Available for PC-DVD, Xbox 360 and PS3

MotoGP is older than the 09/10 season game (not available on PC) but is still a good game and different from 09/10 because it has older rider/team combination’s. You can play on 18 tracks with Ducati’s, Yamaha’s, Suzuki’s and Honda’s with original riders from the season including Valentino Rossi, Casey Stoner and Nicky Haden.

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