Midweek Nation War #113

Some old videos that I uploaded ages ago. May as well list them somewhere right?

Posted by Gerty:

Midweek Nation War #113 • June 10th, 2009

Mighty Deeds and Mayhem! That was a good match, and thanks for the turnout. The Itani outlfought all opposition with four surviving members Ghost, iry, spidey and The Aviator. Congrats to ye!

Our teams were…

Grey:Azrael, Chaakin Tockoa, TheBlackFlag

Itani: Ghost, iry, keeroo, Shark, spidey, The Aviator, Tumblemonster, Yoda (nothing surprises us anymore!)

Serco: Aelius Sejanus, capote, Greben, Keria willennium, Mr. Chaos, Riddick willennium, Schelling, The Serconian

UIT: Boran Mur, Conflict Diamond (first appearance at NW), Ecka Estenk, Gerty

Spectating: LiderWarrior

This Nation War was sponsored by generous contributions from: Faustino Bashkir and The Phoenix Alliance.

In light of the present chaos, I would like to point out that this is Nation War, so it would be fitting if participants stuck with thier character’s nation, excepting Grey. Call me crazy. If that doesn’t suit, we could always do a Wednesday Team Furball or somesuch, but give regard to NW as it stands. Thoughts welcome.


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