Midweek Nation War #112

Some old videos that I uploaded ages ago. May as well list them somewhere right?

Posted by Gerty.

Midweek Nation War #112 • June 3rd, 2009

OK, it was officially a mess, but hope it was fun all the same. Nation War is for it’s own sake, but if any need another reason to get together and fight, I suggest a family reunion. The teams:

Itani: Fanty & Mingo, Morgan West

Serco: Aelius Sejanus, Keria willennium, Lars Marona, Schelling, Tad pole

UIT: Boran Mur, Breazle, Ecka Estenk, Faustino Bashkir, Gerty

Grey: Azrael, Blood Thirsty, Chaakin Tockoa, FusionBurn, TheBlackFlag, Yoda

All told, it was a very close fight. Grey made a strong showing, and thanks for that. I’ll suspend my tauntings of you here and henceforth, provided you will forego all mention of yourselves and your deeds on account of your prized ambiguity. Lemme know.

To all: Sorry for withholding the prizes, but I couldn’t make a clear decision in good conscience. Next time around, the pot shall be all the more humongous, unless I get drunk in Vegas, in which case, you should contact my accountant.

Love and battle,


—Note by yodaofborg—

I was on the Red team, ninny head.


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