[Vinesauce] Vinny – Shitty MS-DOS Games (part 1)

Vinny streams Shitty MS-DOS Games for MS-DOS live on Vinesauce!
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YouTube Gaming and Twitch Livestream of Shitty MS-DOS Games! This is a collection of games for MS-DOS, the stream was recorded/edited by Vappyvap (Vappyvap88).
Stream date: August 29, 2016
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2:22 – Aldo’s Adventure
6:39, 36:44 – Depth Dwellers
13:14 – The Flintstones – Dino: Lost In Bedrock
24:26 – Franko
41:05 – Gateworld
53:03 – Isle Of The Dead
1:09:26 – Mega Man
1:19:42 – The Fortress of Dr. Radiaki
1:29:39 – Time Slaughter
1:45:45 – Xenophage: Alien Bloodsport


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