Top 10 MS-DOS Network Multiplayer Games – R.F.R.

Top 10. Best multiplayer MS-DOS games to play with a network connection. DOSBox network emulation possible.


Shattered Steel: SoulSnatching

Warcraft 2: Zirkoni88

Carmageddon: SoulSnatching

Magic Carpet 2: Zirkoni88

Quake: Mordor

Dungeon Keeper: Nostalgic Games

Doom 2: Jonny Mattsson

C&C2 Red Alert: Zirkoni88

Duke Nukem 3d: Alan Klinzing

Blood: NostalgicGames

Countdown: Pixel Acid Free Intro Bomber

Sheep: Buzzchomp

The Wizards: Mail Order Comedy

Gir Song: Invader Zim


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