Tomb Raider Fix (Retail) – Win 10 64bit, Windows version! No Dosbox!

Dosbox is not required for this fix. This fix will Run Tomb Raider on Windows environment in Directx. It’s All in One Fix!

Link 1 – Tomb Raider Retail Fix File (One Drive)!AkJaUcKJb1jygRmmZknbISDV46wY

Link 2 – Tomb Raider Retail Fix File (Google Drive)

How To Install
1) Create Any folder on your PC and name it to whatever you wish.
2) Copy “Data” And “FMV” Folder from your CD Rom to the folder you just created
3) Download & Extract all the files in the into the folder you just created replacing all files.
4) Install Both VC_Redistx64 & 86 found in “VC_Redist x86-x64” folder included in the fix.
(If Both VC_Redist x86 & 64 installation Fails that means you are good to go)
5) Launch Tombati.exe to play
6) To launch Unfinished business,
go to Main Directory and open folder “Unfinished Business” and click Tombub.exe to play.

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