PC64 Emulator On MS-DOS – trying it out after 20 years (Personal C64)

Although some users rate PC64 as a very good C64 emulator. It has a clumsy interface and a habbit of making the most simple tasks more complicated then they should be. The sound emulation is the worst of any Commodore 64 emulator, I never got it to work. The graphics are not 100%, the DOS version seemed to have issues with scrolling and intterupts.

There’s a Windows version that I never tried. Perhaps I should give that a try as well. Couldn’t get it to work on Windows 3.11. I believe it is reliant on the WinG subsystem.It may fare better on a Windows 95 system.

Development stopped in 1997. But Kudos to the author Wolfgang Lorenz for creating such a versatile piece of software setting a standard for configurability of emulators later found in UAE and others.


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