Longplay: Commander Keen 4 – Secret of the Oracle (1991) [MS-DOS]

The 4th episode of the commander keen games is called Secret of the Oracle. It belongs to the second keen serie “Goodbye Galaxy!”. This serie includes also another keen game, The Armageddon Machine, which is not shareware. Secret of the Oracle is shareware and can be downloaded from the downloads page. This game is actually worth to download since it has better gameplay and graphics than the other old versions.

Billy has been working on a new invention in this episode. His latest invention is the Photachyon Tranceiver, a radio that can reviece signals from anywhere in the galaxy. After playing around with his new invention, he suddenly hears a strange message: “brrzzz … giggg … oment of great triumph … frzzt … ast the Milky Way will be … huzzzzz … terly destroyed … pyuneeeeeeg … can stop us now. We will remake the galaxy in the name of the Gannalech. Power to our race! power to the Shikadi!” After zapping his parents, Billy heads to The Oracle of Gnosticus IV, who will help Billy with his mission.

But after arriving on Gnosticus IV he discovers that the Shikadi have already been there. The Shikadi seems to have kidnapped all the members of the council, and taken them all to the shadow lands in the west side of the planet. Sounds like a interesting mission for commander keen.

Nostalgic value for retrogamers in the Highest HD quality you can find on Youtube! All in 1080p and 60fps!

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