Another 100 DOS games in 10 minutes

My previous DOS compilation is about to reach 300K views, which is a lot for my channel! Here’s another compilation to celebrate this occasion. Thanks a lot to everyone for viewing and commenting 🙂

The previous video was missing a bunch of important and interesting games as pointed out in the comments. I included many of the games mentioned in addition to games I personally think should’ve been in the first video if it was possible. My apologies if your favorite game is still missing from the list, there are a lot more than 200 games released for DOS!

Focus is again on the technically supreme twilight years of DOS gaming before development for DOS was abandoned. 90’s is the most relevant decade for shaping the future of computer games. Most PC games released before were just not that good even at the time, when compared to releases for other systems such as C64 and NES. But there are some 80’s RPGs worth mentioning in addition to early Sierra adventures and I’m not saying every game featured in this video is still worth playing either.

The music:

Doom 2 – The Waste Tunnels (SGM-V2.01 soundfont recording – end trimmed)
Warcraft: Orcs & Humans – Human 1 (SGM-V2.01 soundfont recording – end trimmed)
Dune – Morning (Adlib gold recording). Thanks to original grabber!

Few mistakes with game titles: 02:20 Imperium Galactica release year is 1997 not 1994 (thanks to Alianger for pointing it out). 02:26 the game is Alien Legacy and not Alien Logic, both released in 1994. Missing release year for Quest for Glory 3 is 1992. Tried to fix with annotations, but those just look like crap. Not worth re-encoding and re-uploading.


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