ADG Filler #19 – Modern DOS Games

Originally Released: August 4th, 2012


Once Windows 98 hit the scene, extremely few games were still being made for DOS. By the time Windows XP hit the scene, DOS had pretty much been abandoned. However, even to this day, DOS remains easier to code for than Windows, at least as far as basic things are concerned.

To that end, every once in awhile an indie coder somewhere makes a new DOS game, either just for the heck of it or because they specifically set out to make something which would run on older systems.

I normally don’t cover modern DOS games on my show, but I felt it’d be a good idea to take a look at a trio of them all the same. 🙂


Additional Information and Corrections:

* The original link I had for Lacewing doesn’t work anymore, but it’s still available from the website:

* Here’s the link to Cash Invaders (with this video prominently featured to demo the game!):

* And here’s the link to Paku Paku:

* Those of you who think “Jason Knight” sounds familiar, he spent a good chunk of his life helping to maintain the official Battletech website. That, or you’re thinking of the wrestler with the same name. 😉

* While most modern DOS games are freeware, there’s a tiny number of them which aren’t. Paku Paku is actually another Cardware game, just like Star Mines 2, which I reviewed wayyyyyyy back in Episode 4, where if you like the game, the author wants you to send him a postcard. Unfortunately for Mr. Knight, I’m not a big Pac Man fan. 😛

* I should also point out that most modern DOS games are clones or remakes of other classic games. I think Lacewing is one of the very few which isn’t, even though it has powerup mechanics similar to the Gradius series. Also, lots of modern DOS games are not exclusive to DOS, so I wanted to pick games for this filler which were DOS-only. (Incidentally, PakuPaku has since been ported to the Commodore 64!)


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