Acer Aspire TimelineX 3820T – Power saving the Core i5 way.

Some old videos that I uploaded ages ago. May as well list them somewhere right?

The video shows the laptop in 3 states.

1st: Charger connected, running from mains.
2nd: Charger disconnected, running from battery in power saving mode.
3rd: Running from battery, with power saving disabled.

The laptop boasts a ATI Radeon HD 5470 with 512MB dedicated ram, when power saving mode is enabled, this card is turned off, and the main display adapter changes to the Intel GPU built into the Intel Core i5 CPU. When in this state, the battery will last all day long (Manufacturer says 12 hours).

Even when using this low power state, the laptop is still very fast – when doing things like web browsing or watching video or general use – but you wouldn’t want to play Crysis on the train in this mode! The ATI card can be re-enabled by simply pressing the Powersave button on the laptop if more power is needed.

Overall it’s a cracking little machine, high power on demand(and I mean high for a laptop of this size), or low power mode for extreme battery life.


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