173rd Nation War

Some old videos that I uploaded ages ago. May as well list them somewhere right?

A short chaotic Sunday NW. The bulk of the UIT team was eliminated quickly and while the Serco and Grey teams survived well and tried to pick off the unwary they ultimately could not stall the mass of Itani X-1s.

Azumi – Valkyrie X-1
Bojan – IDF Valkyrie Vigilant
Bolgorin – Warthog MkIV
Ghost – Valyrie X-1
iry – Valkyrie X-1
Maalik, &c. – Valkyrie X-1
Solitary – Corvus Vulturius
spidey – Valkyrie X-1
The Aviator – Valkyrie X-1

Crimson Dynamo – Serco Vulture Guardian
Lars Marona – Serco Vulture Guardian
Los Rimatsi – Serco Prometheus

Babo Teef – Warthog MkIV
Boran Mur – Valkyrie X-1
Dameos – Revenant MkIII
Ecka Estenk – Corvus Vulturius
Faustino Bashkir – Corvus Vulturius
flyinglama – Warthog MkII
Gerty – Valkyrie X-1
John Eldrich – Serco SkyCommand Prometheus
Jzalea Zelick – Warthog MkIII
Mick – Corvus Vulturius
Neagoth – Vulture MkIII
Ostan-Be Ralel – Corvus Marauder Mercenary
Osto Ralel – Hornet MkIII
Sheppard Book – Vulture
Surbius Bondevo – Corvus Vulturius
Vaselio – Vulture MkIII
Xekaka – Revenant MkIII

Azrael – Corvus Vulturius
Blood Thirsty – Vulture MkIII
yodaofborg – IDF Valkyrie Vigilant

Itani Survivors:
Maalik, &c.
The Aviator

Itani 57
Serco 30
UIT 69
Grey 8

No lightning or biocom mines.
No swarms.
No pets.
No returning to the battle sector after you have left except to spectate from a good distance in a bus.
No running beyond the roid field or hiding in roids.

Thanks to Gerty, Surb, Azumi, and Maalik for sponsoring today’s 30 million credit prize.



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