171 st Nation War

Some old videos that I uploaded ages ago. May as well list them somewhere right?

Nation war results are void due to players disturbing the battle. Here is what Ecka (the nation war host) has to say on the matter:

Once again, that Nation War by spoilt by the childish and irresponsible actions of Peytros and Dameos of the HAWK guild. Flying into the middle of the NW and swarming really is juvenile, and I have no intention of tolerating it.

I have run a large number of Nation Wars, statistics show that they are the most popular VO event , with many players taking the time and effort to log on specially to join in.

I apologise to the community as a whole , but I will not waste four hours a week organising NWs just to see the entire community insulted by HAWK in this way. Over the years I have been impressed by the way the community puts aside other animosities and joins in with the NW in the spirit in which it is intended : a fun event giving veterans and newer players a chance to enjoy group combat.

I therefore have no choice but to suspend the NW until this matter is resolved.

The NW is a Player run event. This issue has to be resolved by the playerbase. I have no intention of asking for any assistance in this matter from either devs or guides. I would instead suggest that all players who have over the years enjoyed flying in the NW, together with their respective guilds, take action against HAWK within the game in such a way as to impress upon them that insulting the whole community will not be tolerated.


Oh well, it was still fun while it lasted.


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