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MS-DOS Games:

Q) I have downloaded a game from your website and it does not work, what can I do?
A) I have tried to test every game on a variety of setups, and include a config file that works for them all. Unfortunately it is not always possible to cover every corner case, but if you do have a problem, try posting in the comments section of the game in question and I will do my best to help. These games are provided without any support or warranty of any kind, and although I will try to help out where possible, there is no guarantee of support.

Q) Why use DOSBox? Why not (insert program here)?
A) Because I want to? Honestly, DOSBox works fine for most the games I upload, I also use the portable version from portableapps.com which means neither the games nor emulators need to be installed and all the files reside within one folder.

Q) If you include DOSBox with every download, wont this mean I end up with 100’s of different versions installed?
A) No. Nothing is installed. Ever. The point of these downloads is to make it simple to download and play the games directly; in a self-contained way. Simply delete the folder that is created and everything is gone. You can even use your own version of DOSBox to run these games, but this is not recommended and no instructions will be provided.

Q) A game is missing from your website, will you add it?
A) Maybe; this is not meant to be a complete database of old games, nor is it meant to include them all. Some simply cannot be included for technical reasons, and some for legal reasons but if you have a request feel free to ask on the comments section and I will see what I can do.

Q) I have downloaded a file from your website and my PC is now infected with a virus, what can I do?
A) All files on this web space are scanned daily for infection, and are 100% virus free. It is more likely that you have triggered a false positive but you can never be too careful. If you do have a suspicion that a file is infected please delete it right away and use the comments section to make me aware of this and it will be looked into.

Q) How legal is this? Surely emulation is illegal?
A) It is really a grey area, and it does actually depend on where you live. Emulation is not illegal in itself, in fact many operating systems you probably use emulate old software for compatibility reasons. The games I provide are all considered ‘abandonware’ but if anyone feels I am violating their copyrights they are free to contact me and any games or software found to be causing a profit loss for the original author/publisher I will remove.

Q) I think my download rates are severely limited, what gives?
A) Most of the games hosted on this website will actually fit onto a couple of floppy disks, but there are a few that are quite large and so I have applied a universal download limit of 256kbps for games (most will still download within a few seconds). This is done by IP address (or x-forwarded for, in the case of most proxy servers), so if you are on a shared network of some kind, or using a VPN or anonymising proxy it is possible that your IP address is already accessing a file from my site from another device. I can raise these limits if it becomes a problem – but bandwidth is not free – so the best solution is to directly connect to the site, unless you have a reason not to.

Q) Can I use a download accelerator to speed up a download?
A) No, although a download accelerator will still function properly. I rate limit by IP address so multiple connections can actually make things slightly slower. I am going to implement a referrer check in the future – and this may break download accelerators – so use at your own risk.

Q) Can I change the DOSBox settings for a game you have provided?
A) Yes! The settings I provide are intended to work under *most* circumstances, but are in no way the best settings for every device. Inside the extracted .zip file there is a Data/settings folder with the dosbox.conf file that is used at run time, simply open this file with your favourite text editor and away you go. No help is provided for changes of config files, but this information is available elsewhere on the Internet, on (for example) The DOSBox wiki.

Q) I have downloaded a game, but the copy protection kicks in and asks me for word ‘bleh’ from a manual I do not have, can I have the manual?
A) Short answer is no, you do not need it, simply answer by typing any word or clicking anywhere it asks.
The long answer is: Copy protection has been left enabled where possible for prosperity reasons, but has been modified to accept any input as correct. I have included manuals in some downloads, but only in cases where it is available as a separate download already online for free or was included on the original disks. I will not include any manuals that you can only get by buying the game elsewhere. If you would like full manuals and copy protection disabled, please consider a purchase on GOG.com or another reputable web store like Steam.

N64 Games:

Q) I have downloaded a game from your site, but I get an error or the game does not run, what gives?
A) There are lots of reasons why the games may not run, but the first thing to check is if you have the Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 redistributable installed (and that DirectX and all drivers are up-to date). This should be already installed on most modern Windows installations; if you are sure you have the package above installed but are still having problems, please use the comment section of the game in question and I will do my best to help.

Q) The default keyboard controls are meh, can I change them?
A) Yes you can, although this isn’t easy nor is it supported. All the config files can be found in the Data/config folder of the extracted .zip file, and can be edited with your favourite text editor. There is no GUI for changing these settings as including one would increase the download size by a factor of 10 and also would increase the chances of something not working out of the box. More information on this can be found on the Mupen64Plus wiki. The file ‘InputAutoCfg.ini’ handles all input configuration, regardless of what is found in other configuration files.

Q) Why use Mupen64Plus? Why not (insert other name here) ?
A) Although I have used Mupen64Plus, I am not adverse to using some other emulator if it can be proved to be more accurate or more compatible with the current games I have listed, but it also needs to have the following features: – the ability to load a game from a batch file (or from the command line), the ability to reconfigure where the configuration files are stored and most of all not require any installation (ie, it must be somewhat portable). Mupen64Plus ticks all the above boxes, is portable, is very compatible and can be used without the extra bloat of a GUI.

Q) The games work fine, but they are in a little box in the middle of my screen and I cannot seem to change this, what gives?
A) By default the emulator will try to run in the most compatible of display modes (640×480) which most graphic cards and monitor types can handle correctly, but unfortunately some settings outside of the emulator may force this to be displayed as 640×480 in a box, instead of stretching to fullscreen. Because of the sheer amount of different graphic cards, driver versions, monitor setups it is not possible to cover them all. If you know how to change your graphic cards “scale” options, try setting it to “aspect” or “stretched”. Another simple fix is to edit the .bat file that starts the game, and add a –resolution option, with your desired resolution appended. Note: This must go BEFORE the end of the line, and BEFORE the game.z64 text. The example below will start the game in 1920×1080:
.\App\mupen64plus-ui-console.exe –resolution 1920×1080 –fullscreen –configdir .\Data\config –plugindir .\App –nosaveoptions .\Data\game\game.z64
If you change any other parts of this file, it may stop the game from running. It could also have the side-effect of changing where the emulator looks for it’s own data files, which could cause the program to write the save data outside of the contained folder. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! No help of any kind will be given to problems arising from changes to config files! To restore the defaults simply extract the .zip file again, letting it overwrite existing files.

If you have any further questions feel free to ask on the comments section, but do be aware that this is a personal website ran entirely in my spare time, so although I will do my best to answer any questions this is not always possible so please have patience.

Thanks, and happy gaming!

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