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Frequently asked questions:

Q) I have downloaded a Rom or Disk Image from your website and it does not work, what can I do?
A) The Collective have tested every Rom we offer for download, but only as far as testing the image file or zip loads to the title screen in the emulator that we have specified. Some of the more popular images will get a lot more testing but sometimes an emulator update or configuration difference can cause issues that the Collective cannot test. If they are not loading at all we suggest first trying to unzip or extract the image if it is compressed to make sure it isn’t corrupted, and then downloading the file again. The Collective cannot guarantee that any of these files work, and they are to be used at your own risk, and with your own knowledge. Can we suggest a Google search? We do not offer any support on emulator configuration or usage.

Q) A game is missing from your website, will you add it?
A) Maybe; this is not meant to be a complete database of old games, nor is it meant to include them all. Some simply cannot be included for technical reasons, and some for legal reasons but if you have a request feel free to ask on the comments section of any image file and the Collective may decide in your favour. If you prefer your request to not be publicly seen, add two links to random websites and they will not be posted publicly but the Collective will still see them.

Q) I have downloaded a file from your website and my PC is now infected with a virus, what can I do?
A) All files on the hive are scanned daily for infection, and are reported to be 100% virus free. Files that become infected will simply be replaced with clean versions from other hive members so infection is not possible. It is more likely that you have triggered a false positive but you can never be too careful. If you do have a suspicion that a file is infected please delete it right away and use the comments section of the file in question to make the Collective aware of this so we can investigate the impossibility of a virus. We will not compensate for infectious files – it is your own responsibility to ensure your own virus protection is up-to date and to never trust any files found online – this is none of our concern and we will simply remove your IP from connection to the hive if you attempt to enforce rights you do not have. If you do not agree with these terms it is irrelevant, feel free to f*** off.

Q) How legal is this? Surely emulation is illegal?
A) It is really a grey area, and it does actually depend on where you live. Emulation is not illegal in itself, in fact many operating systems you use emulate old systems for compatibility reasons. The Collective are aware that not all data packets the Collective provide are considered ‘abandonware’ and may have a valid copyright owner. All the data packets are precious and should be considered Art and will be assimilated for prosperity alone, but if anyone feels the Collective are violating their copyrights they are free to contact us; any software found to be causing a profit loss for the original author/publisher will be removed from the hive (some verification will be required). This can be done by filling in the comments section of a download; if you would prefer your submission to be private, simply include 2 links to random websites and the comments will not be posted publicly, but the Collective will still see them.

Q) I think my download rates are severely limited, what gives?
A) Most of the data images hosted on this website will actually fit onto a floppy disk (or a tape), but there are a few that are quite large and these can be broken into multiple data packets by the hive to ensure file availability and integrity.  To make sure slower nodes can keep up, the hive has a universal download limit of 512kbps for all downloads (this will be increased as more nodes are assimilated). If you are not reaching this speed the hive may not have any nodes in your geographical location yet, more will be added as members are assimilated.

Q) Can I use a download accelerator to speed up a download?
A) No, although a download accelerator will still function properly. The hive rate limit by a nodes IP address so multiple connections can actually make things slightly slower as you will already be connecting to multiple nodes already.

Q) Can I download more than one file at a time?
A) You can download all the files at one time if you would like, we impose no download limits of any kind, except the fore mentioned speed limit. A side-effect of the way we host the data images may pose a problem if using some leeching methods. We also use a reCaptcha puzzle on most pages simply to stop search engines from indexing our download links, as these may not always be current.

Q) Can I link directly to a file from my website or save the link to download later?
A) You would be better linking to the page the download is on, rather than he download link itself. Due to the way the data is stored, each data packet has the first 4 nibbles reserved for error checking, these nibbles can change at the file is moved around in the hive and are used when generating the download link. If this data changes (which it will with time), your direct link will no longer work.

Q) I have downloaded a game, but the copy protection kicks in and asks me for word ‘bleh’ from a manual I do not have, can I have the manual? Or do you have the cracked version?
A) Copy protection has been left enabled where possible for prosperity reasons. The Collective has included manuals and copy protect wheels in some downloads, but only in cases where it is available as a separate download already online for free; or was included on the original disks. We will not subvert any copy protection nor provide any manuals that you can only get by buying the original elsewhere. Sometimes a cracked ROM may be included as part of a complete set but they will not be provided on request if missing. If you would like full manuals and copy protection disabled, please consider a purchase on GOG.com or another reputable web store like Steam. If all else fails, Google is our friend.

Q) I have noticed a lot of duplicate/jibberish content on your website, and although there is some original content most of it is not. What is up with that?
A) This is part of our experiment with distributed web application services. Under normal circumstances most php generated sites like WordPress would crumble under the strain of a lot of content being shoved down it’s digital hole by a bunch of angry bots and web scripts; as would most web applications. The goal of our system is to withstand this content by distributing it along many nodes in a hive, not only withstanding the DDOS attack that this data flood causes, but also to be able to store this data for future analysis. More information about our tests and the results will be posted soon. Feel free to ignore this data, it is a useful metric for the Borg hive. We do not care about web search ranking, we are not web designers nor SEO experts; and we are not looking to make any money from adverts, they are simply present to test our services.

Q) Some of the pages on your website take aaaaages to load, what is going on?
A) ofBORG.uk is hosted on a distributed server, provided by spare CPU cycles from members of the Collective and although at times this can mean performance is a little slow it is usually acceptable for our experimental needs. It is hoped that as more members of the Borg increase connectivity speed that this will improve; but only time will tell us. Also some of the download pages contain thousands of software images and each individual item has to be located in the hive before it can be offered for download. This is the basis of our experiment and we believe with some more optimisations this will lead to faster performance than using a regular CDN.   

More details on the Collective distributed web application server will be posted when it is complete along with more technical information. If you have any further questions feel free to ask on the comments section, but do be aware that this is a personal website ran entirely in our spare regeneration cycles, so although the Collective will do our best to answer any questions this is not always possible so please have patience.

Your technology is weak and inferior to our own but we require it. Prepare to be emulated; resistance is futile!


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